Lake McKenzie Fraser Island

Lake McKenzie is one of the most marketed and renowned tourist destinations on Fraser Island.   You will notice that this iconic location features on many advertisements and promotions for Fraser Island.    People flock here from all over the world to get a glimpse of this pristine scenery.

The location of Lake McKenzie Fraser Island is central to the proximity of many other tourist spots on the island. This makes it practical for most visitors to the island to visit this beautiful place.  It is accessible to both day-trippers and tourists who are travelling and camping on the island.

Lake McKenzie is synonymous with Fraser Island and because of this many tourists are drawn to this charming location.   Visitors to Lake McKenzie come for a number of reasons. Many visit the lake simply to see it for themselves, others come to enjoy the experience of swimming and sunbaking in and around this picturesque lake and others simply come to admire the scenery and to take photographs of this lovely spot.

Some Features of Lake McKenzie

Lake McKenzie is a perched lake. A perched lake is established when dead and decaying matter forms a skin layer in a crater or valley. This skin layer seals the bottom of the crater or valley and a lake is born. These lakes are rainwater lakes.

The water depth of Lake McKenzie is varied but its deepest point is about five meters. Vegetation surrounds most of the lake but the shoreline is pure white sand.  This sand is extremely soft to walk on. The sand filters the rainwater which makes the lake super clear. That is why Lake McKenzie and Lake Birrabeen are known as the two clear lakes on Fraser Island.

The pure white sand, the translucent fresh water and the overall pristine nature of Lake McKenzie cannot be fully appreciated until you see it for yourself.    As many world travellers have said, “You cannot claim to be a traveller of the world until you put your feet on the shores of Lake McKenzie.”

What folks Say About Lake McKenzie

Lake McKenzie is a must visit if you are touring Fraser Island. The crystal clear water and the soft white silica sand are absolutely beautiful. The only downside is that it can be crowded at times with day-trippers.

Available Facilities at Lake McKenzie Fraser Island 

Restrictions have been put in place for camping at Lake McKenzie. Walk-in camping is available to hikers. You will need to monitor this by contacting NPRSR for more information. There are car parks, public toilets, cold showers, uncover areas with barbeque facilities and camping sites. Lake McKenzie only provides limited facilities for walk-in campers.

Permits For Fraser Island

If you are planning to travel and camp on Fraser Island, you must secure vehicle permits and camping tags from NPRSR; that is, the Department of National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing. You can purchase these items in person from Level 3, 400 George Street, Brisbane 4000. You can also purchase these items over the internet or you can acquire them by phoning 13 74 68.

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